A team that shares ideas and communicates effectively is vital to success. At NWLD you have a loving team behind your project. Each member does not let the other fail. We are experts in our fields. NWLD works with talented landscape designers and install teams capable of executing to our exacting standards. We work together to achieve success and our work is not complete until you are happy.


Originally trained in architecture, Nathan Wright pursued his love of the urban environment at archi-treasures, where he assisted low-income communities in the creation of their own gardens. Nathan went on to earn his Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture while working for some of Chicago’s most respected designers: Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects, Conservation Design Forum, and McKay Landscape Architects. Nathan has been educating the public on the value of sustainable landscape practices both as Faculty at Triton College, and in his own practice, since 2011.

Team Members

Stephen Ulman

Stephen grew up exploring the various landscapes of the Florida panhandle that instilled in him a love of nature. That thirst for exploration never left him as he studied geography and regional urban planning as an undergrad. Motivated to find better ways for the urban and natural world to coexist led him to landscape design where he completed his masters. Stephen has traveled extensively and takes inspiration from each place he visits or lives. A true renaissance man; Stephen is a craftsman who enjoys such diverse hobbies as working with wood and stained glass, aquaria, worms, and floral design. He is a technical thinker and his ideas flow freely. Stephen is an innovative designer who seeks to test boundaries and take his ideas to the next level.

Laura Sullivan

Laura comes to her second career with an eagerness to apply her creativity and organizational skills to the design field. Throughout her years she has discovered a previously untapped enthusiasm for all things artistic. She’s a pragmatic problem solver with a fearless, can-do attitude. Laura wears many hats in her community and has assumed visible and varied roles within her children’s schools, parish, youth groups, etc. Laura’s work is her play where she is both people and project oriented. She believes that the benefits of a harmonious and pleasing environment are plentiful and achievable. Her fervent wish is to continue to help people live authentically and cultivate art and beauty in daily life.

Jenny Baltsen

Jenny is a dynamo with energy to spare. She is always looking for ways to learn and move forward. Jenny strives to create aesthetically appealing environments and her passion allows her to seamlessly blend her formal education in Environmental Design and Architecture with her many interests. Her professional experience is extensive where she has worked in both residential and commercial architecture and interiors. Jenny has wholeheartedly embraced her community and sought involvement and leadership roles within several local charitable organizations that support women and children. Her hobbies include traveling, cooking and baking, crafting, knitting, and, of course, gardening. Jenny intuitively creates design solutions that are beautiful, functional, and efficient.