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The result we want for you is not possible without a great design.

Have you ever noticed the way a special place draws you in? A patio that seems to “fit” into its surroundings? A bloom sequence that was too perfectly choreographed to be accidental? This is the magical effect of design.

What creates this seeming “magic”? Over the years, architects have debated the qualities of great design.

Nathan’s approach to design merges the classic principles of harmony, scale, and hierarchy with a more contemporary focus on function and efficiency. Nathan creates outdoor rooms that are fitted to your family, sustainable designs that reuse rainwater, and planting combinations that seem to care for themselves.

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A great design must be installed properly.

After taking the time to go through the design process, we become as invested in the result as you are. We live for making beautiful places – for translating design ideas into form.

Our expert craft people, and attention to detail, ensure that the exceptional results we desire are achieved. If we are happy, you will be too.

“He transformed the look of our house with his design…”

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A landscape, like any living thing, needs to be maintained.

The high standards we hold for our installations do not go away after your project is complete. Your project is a reflection of our work. We want to help you keep it looking good.

Not only do we want to keep your landscape looking good, we’d like it to look even better.

Building on our initial success, we offer seasonal assessments and landscape “tune ups” for our past clients.

PLEASE consult us before adding the plant that your mother in law thinks would look “nice” in your new landscape – or planting the bulbs your child brings home from school.

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