Inspiration from Lurie Garden’s Spring Bulb Display

If you’ve visited Chicago’s beautiful Lurie Garden in the spring, you’ve experienced it: The breathtaking bulbs! The vibrant colors and intricate designs showcase the transformative power of bulbs in the landscape, creating a mesmerizing tapestry that celebrates the arrival of spring.

Image of spring bulbs flowering at Chicago's Lurie Garden
Photo Credit: Lurie Garden

While the Lurie Garden’s design includes over 100,000 bulbs, incorporating bulbs into your own landscape is an easy way to add low maintenance spring color, texture, and interest in your spaces.

Bulbs can be used in a variety of settings, from flower beds and borders to containers and rock gardens, making them incredibly versatile for any landscape design. If you plan it right, you’ll end up with a stunning and dynamic garden that evolves with the seasons.

Here are 3 tips to consider when incorporating bulbs into your design:

  • Plant in Groups: For the most impact, plant bulbs in clusters or drifts rather than in single rows.
  • Consider Bloom Times: Plan your bulb planting to ensure a succession of blooms throughout the seasons.
  • Combine with Perennials: Pair bulbs with perennial plants to create a layered and cohesive garden design.

Some popular bulb varieties are:

  • Crocuses: One of the first signs of spring, crocuses offer delicate, colorful blooms that can even push through the snow.
  • Daffodils: These cheerful yellow, white, and cream-colored blooms are a staple of spring gardens and are also deer-resistant.
  • Alliums: With their unique globe-shaped flowers, alliums add architectural interest to the garden and bloom in late spring to early summer.
  • Tulips: Known for their iconic cup-shaped flowers and wide range of colors, tulips are a classic choice for spring color.

We hope you’re inspired to transform your landscape with the beauty and versatility of bulbs, and maybe even create your own ‘mini-Lurie’.

You can find more ideas for your space from our designs, which are inspired, in part, by plantsmen such as Piet Oudolf and Roy Diblik, both famous for the prominence of the modern naturalistic garden and the ecologically sensitive stewardship of such spaces.

Contact us to schedule a design consultation and discuss how we can create a custom bulb planting as part of the design of your home or commercial landscape.